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Learn Italian in Sicily at Culturforum: Italian language school in Palermo

Culturforum, the Italian school where speaking comes first! 

Communication is goal number one in the language teaching at Culturforum, Italian language school in Palermo, Sicily.
In our Italian language courses in Palermo  you will improve your ability to converse and your listening skills, by engaging in real situations  that take their cue from everyday life in Italy. Our teachers, all highly experienced and professional, will construct your course keeping in mind your needs and are adept at finding ways to help you learn to express yourself fluently in Italian.

Courses built around you

In the Italian classes at Culturforum we use a holistic approach: what is important to us is you, your experiences, your interests and your mastery of Italian. With our small classes, our courses are constructed around you and for you; our goal is your satisfaction.

Where Culturforum is

Culturforum is located in a pedestrian area in centre of Palermo, a city steeped in fascinating history, within easy reach of all important monuments of the town. An Italian Language Course in Palermo will give you the opportunity to discover this intriguing multi-faceted city and experience the incredibly lively atmosphere of a Mediterranean country.

Our courses of Italian focus on the learner and the knowledge and language skills previouly acquired. Our concern is students’ satisfaction

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The aim of these culture courses is to let you discover the story of this controversial land, home of geniuses and improvisers

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Anytime you want, anywhere you are, alone, with a school mate or in an international group, create your lesson with us

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Our rich leisure program with various activities and excursions aims to introduce you to the deepest soul of our island

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Our courses of Italian focus on the learner and the knowledge and language skills previouly acquired. What we aim at our Italian langauge school is that students attending our Italian classes should learn to express themselves correctly and effectively and be able to interact with Italians in every type of communication and cultural context.

Our main concern is the students’ satisfaction and their maximum progress.

This is why we have chosen a flexible class design which enables us to meet more effectively the needs and requirements of the diverse groups and of the individual in a group.. Learn More

As lovers of the Italian language we have taken to heart not only the spread of our language but also of the culture and history of our country.

For this reason we have planned a series of courses for non-native teachers of Italian as a foreign language. The aim of these courses is not only to improve and widen their knowledge of the structures of the language and teaching methods, but also to help teachers to have a better knowledge of the diverse aspects of our country. Learn more

One-to-one tuition is tailored to suit your specific requirements. Course topics and content are decided directly with the teacher who will help you identify your particular needs and develop your language skills faster. Number of study hours and length of your Italian individual course are flexible and can be arranged to fit your schedule. Learn more

Are you planning a language trip for a group of school, university or adult students? With a study holiday at Culturforum your students will be able to meet other students from all over the world who share the same objective: to learn Italian. Learn more

 Palermo: …the harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the land … who saw it only once, he owns them for life.”

Chosen by the Arabs as the capital of the island before the year 1000, Palermo is a city steeped in history, with monuments of different ages, the legacy of the peoples who took turns in his government.

This welcoming and vibrant city has transformed itself into a truly cosmopolitan and thriving capital where you can breathe joy of living, liveliness and culture.

An Italian language course in Sicily’s capital city will give you the opportunity to discover and experience this fascinating multi-faceted city, truly melting pot of cultures at the border of Europe.


SICILY “an indescribably beautiful country

Sicily’s history spans some 4000 years. Since prehistoric times different peoples landed in Sicily attracted by its beauty, fertility and luxuriant vegetation.

The island has seen many different cultures flourish on its soil, which have left behind a trail of impressive monuments, buildings and works of art which still today inspire wonder and admiration.

Many of these peoples felt at home in Sicily, the land Homer described as ” the wonderful island of Helios” the God of the Sun, the dream land of the ancients where “everything grew without being sown”. It was a supremely desirable land, an exceptional crossroads of history where different races and civilisations merged.

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Our Teachers

Vittoria Cirello

Vittoria Cirello

School director
I'm the director, teacher, guide, and much more of Culturforum. I started this fascinating adventure in 2000
Caterina Tripoli

Caterina Tripoli

Italian Teacher
I started teaching Italian to foreign students soon after getting my university degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures in 1991.

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