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Why choose Culturforum ?

Why study Italian?

  • You love Italy and would like to explore the “Bel Paese”?
  • For your work, you need to communicate with Italians
  • You want to widen and deepen your knowledge of the culture, the people, their life-style and ways of thinking
  • You want to visit the birthplace of your ancestors and re-discover your roots.

Whatever your motivation, here are just some reasons why Culturforum, Cefalu and Sicily is the perfect choice to learn Italian and realise your objectives.

Speak real italian, discover the enchanting charm of Sicily, live the warmth of a people-friendly town.

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High students satisfaction

Our principal goal at Culturforum is the satisfaction of our students – and their progress in learning the Italian language. One of our proudest achievements has been the feedback left by students, in which the school gained a high popularity rating. In addition, their first course with us led a high percentage of students to return to us – and recommend the school to others.

High-quality teaching

High quality teaching is essential for high quality learning. Our experienced and dedicated teachers use a range of varied and engaging activities and topics in their lessons. They constantly assess the teaching process and adapt their methods to the individual needs of students.

Motivated Adult Students

Our students have a wide range of ages and nationalities, but a high proportion are adults.

Their motives for learning Italian are widely diverse, but whether it is for work, for education or simply for pleasure, they are all highly motivated and enthusiastic.

Among our clients, we have varied professionals, interpreters and translators from the European Parliament and Commission, teachers and students from further education and overseas universities and people who are simply passionate about our beautiful language.

Personalised Lessons

Our classes are small – on average about four or five students. This allows our teachers to give detailed attention to every participant, to personalise their lessons and to adapt them to the interests of every student present.

Here at Culturforum we don’t have a fixed teaching scheme or standard curriculum, which we feel benefits our students. On the first day, our teachers evaluate a student’s level of learning and needs – and only after that do they define the course structure.

Personal Assistance

All Culturforum staff will pay the utmost attention to your needs and will offer you speedy and effective assistance, from first contact until the end of your final day in Cefalu.

We will involve you in everything: helping you choose from the wide range of places to stay, for all requirements and budgets; transport to and from the airport; and social and cultural activities. And we will give you all the necessary information and help, before and during your stay.

Every Hour Must Count

Our teaching hours must always represent useful learning time.

If we say that we will study for four hours a day, we must be certain that all those hours are full and effective hours, because we believe that every minute counts. Anyhow the course includes a 15 minute break.


A peaceful medieval City

Cefalù is the most picturesque seaside town in all of Sicily, and has kept its medieval buildings in the old historic town centre intact. Here time runs slowly and the frenzy of modern life has not touched the people of the town.

Everyone here in town still has time to enjoy the sunshine on a bench at the sea, or to meet friends and chat in a bar before or after work. In the restaurants and the bars, after your first visit, they will be happy to exchange a few words with you.

Cefalù is, in a few words, a town where friendliness counts, a safe place, at any hour of the day or night, you will be able to wander around the town, undisturbed and not face any problems.

More than Tourism

Cefalù is the most important tourist destination in Northern Sicily. And yet, even though tourism is the main, everyday business of the town, the people of Cefalù are also the master of their town. In the roads and squares, in the bars and on the beach, it will be difficult not to chat with local people and to enjoy their friendliness.

Art and Nature

If you love art, sea and nature, you will find everything you want at Cefalù. The long beach and the crystal sea invite you to relax there. Wandering around the town, you will come across buildings from every period in history. Take a walk up the famous Rock of Cefalù, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the town, the sea, the Eoliean Islands and the mountains.

The Madonie Park and mountains, to the South of the town, also offer an infinite variety of walks in luxuriant woods, between gigantic old trees, with rare plants and breath-taking views.

Sicilian food

In the large number of restaurants in Cefalù, many of which are recommended in the best gastronomic guides, you can taste the incredible quality and variety of Italian and of Sicilian cooking in particular. From a simple pizzeria to an elegant restaurant, every choice is catered for – in fact, there is an embarrassment of culinary riches.

Unesco heritage

Cefalù has UNESCO world heritage status: the Arabic-Norman cathedral and its cloister were given this important recognition in June 2015. Cefalù is also included in the club of ‘The most beautiful places in Italy’, an association of smaller towns which are outstanding for their artistic, cultural and historic importance and for the beauty of their environment, their quality of life and the services offered to their citizens.


History under an Open Sky

The artistic richness of Sicily is extraordinary and will amaze you: Greek temples, Phoenician cities, Roman villas, ancient theatres and amphitheaters, wonderful Arab buildings, splendid Norman cathedrals, sumptuous Baroque towns, neo-classical theatres and enchanting Art Nouveau villas.

Travelling across Sicily today, you can discover and re-live the history of the island, the myths and legends of a civilization thousands of years old, which even today is suspended between the East and West, between Europe and Africa.

Summer for Six months of the Year

Sicily has the largest annual total of sunny days in the whole of Europe, an average of 300. This means that for most months of the year, even in the winter, the temperature remains mild and every day there is likely to be a chance to sit and enjoy the open air.


Which Italian in Sicily?

And finally,…. in Sicily you can learn good Italian. It’s true that a lot of Sicilians are bi-lingual and speak dialect. But this is reserved for family and friends. The rest of the time, they always use Italian. Like every region of Italy they have their own local idioms, but in every other respects they speak standard Italian.

Discover Sicily with Us

Studying Italian in Sicily is the best way to explore the island. On our excursions you will discover the great monuments of the island and the variety of Sicily’s natural beauty, as well as the less well-known places and treasures of Sicily.

You can visit a Sicilian home to learn about cooking and we will prepare a meal together, so you can taste the best Sicilian wines and enjoy typical Sicilian food. If you then want to study Italian and Sicilian complex history in depth, you will appreciate Culturforum courses, where all the chapters in Sicily’s story will be explained.

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